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Search Marketing: Getting Discovered and Outshining the Competition

Your website can look great, be easy to use and contain great content, but if it is not marketed in such a way that it can be found by your targeted audience through a search engine, it might as well not exist. More than 70% of online transactions start with a search engine query, and most consumers do not look past the first page of search engine results. As a business, you need to optimize your online presence through specialized search marketing practices to ensure visibility and boost profitability.

Here at Quail Advertising, we have delighted in continuously helping clients whose websites have not been performing, by moving them into the spotlight by getting discovered and going on to outshine the competition. Search engine marketing is an aspect of your online marketing plan that cannot be overlooked. Calculated and experience based search marketing makes all of the difference between your target audience searching and finding you or searching and finding your competition.

On Page SEO Content & Optimization

A content rich website using Search Engine Optimization techniques is important because it provides insight into the product or services that you offer, and will contain important keywords that will do more than just inform those who visit your site. These keywords work with the search engines to direct your intended audience to your website.

We have mastered the art of SEO content for the website of each and every client we work with. We work closely with each individual client or business and implement tried and true processes to find the targeted keywords for your specific website and business niche. From there, we create high quality, original website copy in addition to proper URL structure, headlines, image file names, website copy and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While marketing your website may seem overwhelmingly complicated if you are new to it, or if you have not been successful on your own, we enjoy implementing all of the tools available today to help drive traffic to your site. Many of the tools that we can incorporate and make work for you include but are not limited to:

  • Pay Per Click opportunities
  • Google Ads
  • Bing & Yahoo Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Quail Advertising has been using these tools since they were introduced to the market, and in that time we have perfected the art of SEM. Please get in touch with us so we can show you how to turn your website into a marketing and sales powerhouse with the addition of these tools and opportunities.

Link Building

Before the internet, business owners would often refer customers to one another, when possible, effectively boosting both businesses in the process. This worked through the power of word of mouth, and having that reference put a name or product information in front of someone who may not have found it otherwise. This is essentially what link building does for your website; link building is a high tech form of word of mouth or referral. You want as many links to your website as possible to build up your reputation with potential clients, as well as with search engines.

Link building can be done through many different venues including but not limited to:

  • Blogging
  • Video Submissions
  • Social Media
  • Article Writing
  • Directory Submissions

Backlinks are one of the main considerations that Google and other searching engines factor in when determining which websites appear on the first page of any query results. The more link building that has taken place, the higher your ranking.Link building is truly an art form. It needs to be done in a very specific manner to ensure high quality links that will boost search engine rankings.

We can provide all of the link building services you need to help boost your rankings and make your website work for you. Simply give us a call at 281-940-7211 for a FREE consultation on link building and what we can do for the visibility and profitability of your website.

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